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Massage at the GoodBack Clinic

How can Massage help you?

Massage can improve your general health, make you feel more grounded and balanced. In you book a therapeutic massage with us, the focus will be on releasing tension from your body, by deep tissue massage, stretches, and using acupressure. This massage is a combination of many different traditional massage styles, and was developed in Australia. If you book a relaxation massage, the focus will be on improving lymph flow by gentle massage strokes. You can discuss your needs with the therapist once you arrive.


Massage at the GoodBack Clinic

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

General Sense of Wellbeing

Our massage therapist can work on releasing tension stored in muscles and tendons. This leaves the client feel energised and rejuvenated. You might also experience detox and feeling of "letting go" of tension stored within your tight muscles.

Feeling of being Grounded & Balanced

We often get through the day without any exercise or stretches, as we are too busy. Massage can help you feel more grounded, feeling great in your own body.

Emotional Wellbeing

If you are feeling a bit down, releasing muscle tension and improving your circulation might give you much needed mood uplift. If you feel overworked and permanently stressed, massage might make you feel much better.

Massage that suits the client.

We believe in making the massage suit the client, delivering personalised treatment, rather than follow a rigid routine, trying the client fit the massage. I can work on your tight muscles, such as your neck.