Massage Therapist – Ivana Mearns

Ivana Mearns is a fully qualified massage therapist. Ivana believes in listening to her clients’ needs, providing personalised treatment, striving to address the underlying cause of any discomfort. Always seeing the body as a whole, Ivana has been trained in various holistic therapies and is familiar with many different healing techniques, taking into account bands of tension that run through the body.

Ivana also believes in making massage simple for clients. The booking process is straightforward and there is no pressure to make any decisions, you can let Ivana know which areas of tension (i.e your back or shoulders) you want her to focus on once you arrive. If you want a very gentle relaxation massage, without any strong pressure on tense muscles, just to unwind and de-stress, that’s also fine. You can ask as many questions as you like during the therapy and you can let Ivana know at any time if the pressure does not feel optimal for you.


  • Level 3 diploma in Anatomy & Physiology accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists. (2019)
  • Lever 3 diploma in Pathology, accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists. (2022)
  • First Aid Training – IQL Level 3 by Royal Life Saving Society UK (2022-2024)
  • Holistic Back Care Practitioner Level 3 – by Stonebridge Associated Colleges (2022)
  • Raynor Massage Diploma – accredited by the International Natural Therapists Association (2022)
  • Swedish Massage training by Lavonne Ayoub (an internationally recognised massage tutor, 2024).
  • Deep Tissue CEU training by Mark Perren-Jones (2024)
  • Chair Massage training by Mark Perren-Jones (2024)

Back Care Therapist – Damien Mearns

The GoodBack clinic was founded by Damien Mearns, ASMI therapist, in 2017.

When Damien was thirteen, he was told by his doctor that unless he undertakes an invasive back surgery, he would be in the wheelchair by the time he is forty. But, this did not happen. What happened instead was that Damien managed to improve his condition dramatically, thanks to therapies such as Rolfing, ASMI, ultrasound and EMS.

Once Damien got better, he trained to become a therapist himself, helping others. His back care training was by Irene Phillips (deceased), osteopath based in Surrey. Damien follows a protocol developed by Dr. Paul Sherwood (deceased), a former consultant at St. Bart’s hospital and Harley Street physician.

Although the original aim was to treat scoliosis patients only, the treatment Damien offers proved to be very beneficial to patients with other conditions, such as migraines, tinnitus, sciatica and M.E.

To learn more about the treatment or to book a session with Damien, please visit our main website