Sadly, no. If you have any health issues that might affect your treatment, please let us know and consult your doctor, to avoid disappointment. We are not able to treat anyone with the history of blood clot issues as this is not safe for the client. Other contradictions are conditions such as recent injuries or acute infections. If you are not sure about anything, feel free to ask.
The therapist will need your feedback on how the pressure feels to you, as this can be very individual. The aim is too keep pressure at the optimal level, so that muscle tension can be released. If the pressure becomes too much, muscles might start tensing up rather than relax.
Yes, you will have the choice of avocado oil or olive oil. We use only high quality, food grade oils and never use any inferior forms of oil that might be harmful to your health. If you have any allergies that might affect your massage session, please let us know before booking your session.
Massage as well as our holistic backcare treatments are not a pre-planned routine requiring a specific number of sessions. Even a single session can improve you well-being. Regular massage and back treatment can make you feel great, but it is entirely up to you how many sessions you decide to book. You can discuss this with your therapist during your taster session.
It is best not to wear anything too tight, that might constrict blood flow before and after the treatment. You will be lying under a blanket and will need to remove you clothes, keeping your underpants on. This will allow the therapist to massage your back, legs and arms, exposing only the parts of the body that is being massaged, such as the shoulders or the back.
Absolutely not. Any cases of harassment towards the therapist will be reported to the police and the team will ask you to leave immediately. We respect our clients boundaries and expect the same in return.
This can be very individual. Most patients feel relaxed and a little bit sleepy. It's best to take it easy for a few hours after a massage. You might experience detox as well, feeling slightly light-headed. Staying hydrated, drinking plenty of water after the massage session should make you feel better. It is also possible that your muscles will feel a little bit tender for a few hours or days.
The therapist will tell you more about the massage and/or the back treatment and will answer any questions you may have. You will need to fill in a new patient form, to let us know about any injuries or health issues that might affect your massage session. You can ask questions at any time, even when the massage or the back care therapy starts.
No problem at all. Just choose a time slot (1 hour or 2 hours) that suits you and talk to your therapist when you arrive.
If you have scoliosis, please get in touch before booking your session. Our Scoliosis specialist Damien Mearns has various options available, including weekend and evening sessions. The optimal length of a scoliosis treatment is very individual, and is different from patient to patient. Many of our scoliosis patients travel to our clinic from afar so we can book a longer session for you to make your travel worth while.
The clinic has free parking outside but you must register your car when you arrive, to avoid a fine. We currently don't have a step free access and currently cannot treat anyone in a wheelchair or anyone with very reduced mobility. Please contact us for more details.