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After a long, busy day, once you lie down to rest, your muscles should feel relaxed. There should be no residual tension.

But sadly, this is not always the case. We often carry a lot of tension in our body. This tension can be caused by physical or emotional factors.

If I could point one thing that makes Raynor massage different from other massage therapies, it is the “bands of tension” system. I will come to this system later. But now, back to our question, how can Raynor massage help you?

I really can’t make any promises to my clients, when it comes to outcomes. The treatment is always very individual. One client with migraines might feel a huge improvement after a release of tension within the shoulder area, other might not. One patient might see their carpal tunnel syndromme fade away after hand massage, other might not. This is the same with all other conditions. Back pain, joint paint, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, tiredness.

The only promise I can make is to listen carefully to any of your health concerns and try to identify any areas of tension. It is possible that the health problems you are experiencing have other origin than muscle tension, such as dietary habits and un-diagnosed food allergies. But if you do feel that massage can improve your condition and want to explore treatment by Raynor massage then feel free to book a taster session.

Tension can sometime “hide” within the body, and that’s when the “bands of tension” system, developed by Branon Raynor in Australia comes in place. This system draws from many traditional medicine systems, including Chinese and Ayurvediec, but is in many ways quite simple, following trails of tension that can be palpated by the therapist and felt by the patient. For example, to release a frozen shoulder, a Raynor massage therapist is likely to focus on tension built up within the client’s hand. To alleviate knee pain, Raynor massage therapist might spend more time working on feet and the lower part of the leg, than the knee itself.

As for back pain, I would look for areas of tension in areas such as you feet and hands, rather than just mercilessly apply pressure to a muscle spasm in your back, as such approach is not likely to work, the muscle spasm might get even worse.

Raynor massage works on the principle that most physical and emotional problems are caused by blockages in the energy channels of the body. By applying a combination of firm pressure and gentle strokes, Raynor massage can release these blockages and restore the natural flow of energy.

The conclusion is that Raynor massage can help you feel more relaxed on the physical level, more energized and balanced. You might also feel more balanced emotionally. When we are exposed to stress of difficult situations, our body can tense up and it can become very difficult for us to relax. A massage can tackle this type of tension. You might even see situations that caused you distress flashing in your mind, before being released, getting a feeling of letting go and finally feeling free of stress. Raynor massage can also improve your posture, flexibility and your general well being. Raynor massage is not just a massage, it is a healing experience, tailored to your individual needs.

The list of condition Raynor massage can help with is long and includes ailments such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety, sciatica, sore muscles, chronic fatigue, poor metabolism or burnout. Raynor massage might offer you a natural and effective treatment option.